About Our Program:

The Lite For Life™ 4-Phase Program has been used successfully for over 25 years to help tens of thousands of men, women, and children achieve permanent weight loss and restore their health by teaching them the principles of eating to stabilize blood sugar levels.  Lite For Life's 4-Phase Program provides just the right combination of food, structure, and accountability to help you succeed.  The Lite For Life™ Chewable Food Supplement taken in between meals, provides additional support for optimal energy, improved will power and a healthy, vibrant glow!

The Lite For Life™ 4-Phase Program provides you with:

BALANCED NUTRITION:  You will benefit from and learn to enjoy a balanced diet that includes all food groups on all phases of the Program.  Our Prep Diet (Phase 1) helps our clients cleanse their bodies of toxins and excess sugar, and prepare for the Reducing Plan (Phase 2). Reducing Plan is a nutrient-rich program that is low in refined carbohydrates, fat, and calories.  It is safe and comfortable to follow for an extended period of time. Once you've achieved your weight goal, you'll go onto a short Stabilization Program (Phase 3) which is 3 weeks which helps to create a plateau at your optimal weight range. Phase 4 (Maintenance) is adding new foods back into your diet in moderation while maintaining your weight goals.

STRUCTURED EATING PLAN:  We’ll teach you how to plan and time your meals so that you maintain control in all types of situations. We’ll also show you what portion sizes are right for your size and activity level.

PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS:  Every person faces unique challenges related to his or her lifestyle, family situation, and physical condition.  That’s why we believe that one-to-one is the best way to provide you with the information and strategies that work best for you. We work with clients, all over the country, and stay engaged, via: coaching calls, emails, texting and Skype, for support, review of Daily Routine Forms, and sharing best practices weight loss and weight maintenance strategies.

NUTRITION BEST PRACTICES, RECIPES, FOOD PLANS:  We provide you with daily food plans, recipes, and nutrition information and coach you through gradual lifestyle changes that help you reach your goal and maintain your new weight. Our Stabilization and Maintenance Programs helps reinforce your new habits and stay on track.

You can feel confident that by following the complete Lite For Life 4-Phase Program, you too, will reach your goal weight and become Lite For Life!