Lite for Life™ was established in 1978 by Maureen Sullivan, a certified nutritionist, specializing in weight loss, and blood sugar stabilization. The Lite For Life™ 4-Phase Weight Loss and Maintenance Program is truly the "Healthy Approach to Weight Loss" and has helped thousands of people, achieve their goal weight, develop healthier, life-long eating habits, and gain more energy and health. You will feel more relaxed and energetic and you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you will be in control of your food selections and your weight.

The key to the Lite for Life™ Program is controlling blood sugar.The Lite For Life™ Chewable Food Supplement is included in the Reducing Phase of the Program. Its purpose is to help keep your blood sugar level stable between meals and snacks and decrease hunger cravings. The Lite For Life™ Chewable Food Supplement is an all-natural FDA approved vitamin and food tablet made especially for the Lite For Life™ Program. The Supplements are nutritious and delicious!

Blood sugar stabilization plays an important role in helping you lose weight because if your blood sugar drops below normal, one can experience excessive hunger and food cravings as well as physical and mental fatigue.

Unless you are diabetic or live with someone who is, chances are you may not think too much about blood sugar. You eat your food and let your body do the rest. Blood sugar levels play an important role in your weight and your health, because blood sugar levels dictate insulin levels, and insulin is the most powerful fat storage hormone in your body.

When your insulin levels are elevated, two things happen that affect your ability to control your weight:

  • You store more of what you eat as fat and burn fat less efficiently, even if you exercise
  • Your blood sugar drops and you get powerful cravings that cannot be overcome by will power

Our Lite For Life™ Counselors will teach you how to eat right and coach you through the gradual lifestyle changes that will enable you to lose weight and keep it off...and feel great! 

Eat fresh wholesome food: Our program teaches you to eat fresh, nutritious food which is easily available at your local store and farmer's markets. 

Maintenance is an important part of the program: If you’ve ever lost weight and gained it back, you know that losing is only half the battle. Our Maintenance Program is specifically designed to reinforce all you’ve learned during your time with us. Our maintenance program provides you with continued support from your weight loss team along for as long as you need it. We look forward to starting this important journey with you, and we'll be here every step of the way!

Lite For Life™ truly is "The Healthy Approach to Weight Loss"